Septic Systems: Pumping, Inspections, Repairs and Maintenance

We take pride in providing professional, prompt, friendly and affordable septic system services. We perform expert inspections and accurately diagnose the causes of any problems, and we pump, maintain and repair residential septic systems. Our clients are homeowners and realtors, and we serve all of Berks County and parts of Lancaster, Lehigh and Schuylkill Counties.

Septic System Management:

We offer outstanding programs for homeowners who are interested in peace of mind:

  • Maintenance Inspections - Providing homeowners with an expert evaluation of their septic system - see our Maintenance Septic Inspections page for details.
  • Real Estate Inspections - Providing buyers and sellers of real estate with septic system inspection reports - see our Real Estate Septic Inspections page for details.
  • Septic Management Programs - Providing homeowners with ongoing management and maintenance of their Septic System Services page for details.
  • Septic System Warranties - Providing homeowners with a Septic System Warranty that offers protection from the cost of expensive future repairs or replacement of their septic system.

Annual Inspections Of Residential Septic Systems Are
Recommended By The Commonwealth Of Pennsylvania

The costs of major repairs to septic systems can be very expensive, but the good news is that with regular inspections and timely preventative maintenance, homeowners can maximize the life expectancy of their system and avoid costly repairs. Here's a quote from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection website:

"The best designed and properly installed onlot sewage disposal system will still malfunction if the homeowner does not properly operate and maintain the system. In addition to requiring costly repairs, malfunctioning systems can contaminate surface and groundwaters, cause various health problems, and spread disease as well as create unsightly messes and foul odors when raw sewage surfaces or backs up into the home."

The DEP goes on to say, "Homeowners can help prevent malfunctions and ensure the long-term use of their onlot system by.....inspecting the septic tank, pipes and drainage field annually."

We're a Full Service Septic System Company

We listen to our customers, build relationships and work hard to develop strong foundations. Let us be YOUR total, full service septic system maintenance provider; we can complete most jobs from A to Z.