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Ordering A Real Estate Septic System Inspection

If you have entered into a purchase agreement to buy or sell a home, congratulations! Purchase agreements frequently require an inspection of the property's septic system, and we are highly qualified and specialize in providing prompt, expert and courteous service.

We have provided this on-line form to submit preliminary information about the property to be inspected - just fill in the blanks and click on the "Submit" button. In many cases we have already been contacted by a realtor, and a copy of the seller's disclosure has been faxed to our office. However, we require additional preliminary information prior to actually inspecting the septic system, and that is the purpose of this form.

If you would prefer to print a preliminary information form that you can manually complete and then fax or mail to us, you can get the form here: Inspection Request Form - if you "left click" on this link, the form will open up in a new browser window or tab. If you "right click" on the link, you will see options to "save as" or "save target as" (the exact message depends on settings in your computer and browser), you can save the Preliminary Information Form on your computer.

Preliminary Inspection Information

All system inspections will be performed following PSMA/NOF standards. The standards embody a protocol which, when fully applied, evaluates every component of the system. All components of the onlot wastewater treatment system MUST be accessible at the time of the inspection.

It is the responsibility of the current owner/seller to have the tank lid(s) exposed and accessible prior to the inspection. NOTE: tank lids or manhole covers are typically made of concrete and are approximately 20-24" in diameter; inspections can NOT be completed thru a 4" or 6" pipe.

In the course of every inspection, the treatment tanks MUST be pumped, and the timing of the inspection must be coordinated with the pumping. The only way to inspect a treatment tank is immediately after it has been pumped out. The current owner/seller is responsible for pumping charges or any service call charges related to pumping / or not pumping due to unsatisfactory conditions.

* If you would like Bailey's Septic Service, Inc. to pump the tank(s) please call us at (610) 621-6197 to schedule. All payments for pumping services are due at the time of the job. Do NOT have the system pumped prior to the inspection.

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