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Septic Products And Equipment

Each service truck is equipped with a video inspection camera and a locating device capable of viewing any type of clogs, or pipe problems and accurately locating almost any underground system component. We also have high pressure jetting equipment to clean pipes and laterals in your septic system.

Bailey's Sea Snake Camera Bailey's Scout Bailey's Water Jetter

BioFORCE Packets

BioFORCE comes in convenient, pre-measured, water-soluble packets for use in septic tanks, grease traps, holding tanks, lift stations and sewer lines. BioFORCE is a live bacteria product that effectively degrades organic waste solids and grease to promote proper system functioning and eliminate odors. Monthly applications of BioFORCE are recommended to maintain the peak effectiveness of your septic system - you're keeping the "good" bacteria alive and well and flourishing in your septic system.

BioFORCE is easy to use - just flush a packet once a month and you're done! Many people put "flush a packet" on their calendar for the 1st of every month, but you can choose any day of the month that you like.

We sell BioFORCE packets in boxes of 12 - a dozen packets for a full year. We recommend purchasing a three year supply so that you always have a BioFORCE packet ready and available to flush (most systems are on a three year rotation for pumping). We offer a discount of 50% on the third year of a three year supply.

To purchase BioFORCE, call our office at (610) 621-6197 or submit a "Contact Us" form.

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